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  • «The Ryabko Way»

    «The Ryabko Way»

    The Founder’s Legacy The late Mikhail Ryabko left us a way of life inscribed in the movement of a martial art. An art without techniques, without restrictions and thus without limits. The only known way of mastering or even grasping this art has come through encounters with its masters and those to whom they have […]

  • THREAT: From Perception To Action

    THREAT: From Perception To Action

    SYSTEMA SINGAPORE APRIL SEMINAR 22-23 April 23 Join us this April as Systema Singapore instructors Wen Hsin, Ron and Andy bring the distillation of their intensive training with masters of the art into a condensed study of the structure of danger and strategies to eliminate them right at the source. On the first day, be […]

  • “Freedom, Power & Happiness” with VLADIMIR ZAIKOVSKY

    “Freedom, Power & Happiness” with VLADIMIR ZAIKOVSKY

    Asia’s first international seminar since 2019 For the last 3 years, the world has been in pandemonium. Compulsion, uncertainty and depression have been a major theme since the global lockdowns restrained most of the planet. This seminar is definitely a post-pandemic checkpoint for all of us on our martial journey. “FREEDOM, POWER & HAPPINESS: A […]