As part of our regular curriculum, we began hosting courses to cover a specific topic in greater detail so as to help our students be better equipped in their regular training. The courses are also held in a way that they are stand-alone topics and a great starting point for newcomers to the art to catch a slice of the breadth of Systema.


  • How to fight

    How to fight

    When we think of self defense or fighting, we see people approach the “how” to fight in very technical forms. Have you stopped to think about how the movements you practice affect your psychology and hence your approach to life? In our final microcourse of the series, we will approach the topic of self defense […] Read more


  • Zero Point

    Zero Point

    Back from an extended period of training with training overseas with Vladimir Vasiliev and Daniil Ryabko and other instructors from Moscow HQ, Wen Hsin will be changing the upcoming micro-courses… Read more

  • Wholeness


    How should we stand and be ready to move smoothly? In this course we’ll look at what attributes contribute to having good form, from structure, to connection, building a holistic… Read more

  • Power & Precision

    Power & Precision

    “Power is the ability to change things“. In this new micro-course by Wen Hsin, we will be studying the delicate balance between the raw attributes of strength and its precise… Read more

  • Movement & Power

    Movement & Power

    In this course, Takeshi will be sharing several important principles and ideas that he has learnt during his time spent in Systema HQ Toronto. In the first session, Takeshi will… Read more

  • Beyond Massage

    Beyond Massage

    It has been said that Systema is 30% martial art. Since we don’t have the benefit of having a banya in Singapore, the other 70% therefore comes down to the… Read more

  • Position


    “Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth.” – Archimedes In this 3-part series, we will be studying the spatial dimension of movement. From feeling, interpreting… Read more

  • Freedom & Lightness

    Freedom & Lightness

    Alongside moving “naturally”, “freely” and “lightly” are two more often quoted descriptions used to guide our movement training in Systema. In this micro course we’ll contextualise “freedom and lightness” in… Read more

  • Connection


    A continuation of the “Systema from scratch” micro course series, «CONNECTION» is an exploration on the nuances of what it means to be “in sync”, “in harmony”, “in touch” with… Read more