Training in Systema

Warm ups

Class begins with warming up each of the systems of the body – from the breathing, muscular and nervous system, each component needs to be properly engaged.

Thematic studies

Fetching from a huge pool of drills and sometimes even crafting specialized ones, our instructors format a logical progression of the concept being shared. Depending on the ability of the class, the drills are modified to be at the optimal level for learning, with suitable modifications given to students based on their individual performance.

Application of concepts

After the thematic studies, some time is given for the students to apply the training – the intensity is decided upon by the students under the supervision of the instructor. At times, the instructor will request for the students to push themselves, while at other times they are there to taper in the sparring to a productive level.

Cool downs

The cooldowns are usually done in a way both the help the class recover from the higher intensity application section as well as to revisit the concepts again in a calmer manner. This helps to ensure everyone is reminded of the key points. Sometimes we do a little massage.

Training circle

At the end of every training session, we circle up to share a few words about the training. This tradition was handed to us from our founders and is an integral part of our training.

Post training shenanigans

From souvenir exchanges from recent travels, birthday celebrations and sharing in meals to drinking Russian beverage of choice, the post training events are what really make the Systema Singapore family the community it is!

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