Instructor Team

Our instructor team has a wide range of experience in the spectrum of the art we represent. From consulting for the Singapore Police Force’s unarmed combat curriculum and hosting workshops for active Special Operations Units and Gurkhas to holding breathing and stress management workshops for Meta and Starhub, we are able to bring real world applications of the concepts key to Systema.


Lau Wen Hsin

Wen Hsin has been training Systema since 2010. The first fully certified Systema instructor in Singapore, he has travelled extensively to both HQs and around the world for training.

The founding president of the SUTD School Of Russian Martial Art. He has taught multiple seminars and held workshops for clients including Meta and Starhub.

A software engineer by trade, Wen Hsin’s teaching style is analytical, and detail-oriented and typically follows a Chiastic structure.

Ron Felix

Ron has been practicing Systema since 2010 and holds a 2nd Dan in Aikido. His experience in the combatives led him to a role with the Singapore Police Force as Contact Tactics Consultant.

Currently, Ron is working towards a career in healthcare to share and grow his knowledge of Systema breathing and relaxation with the community.

Ron’s classes focus on breathwork, movement and body structure. These key principles of systema training can be applied practically for self-defence.


Andre Pong

Andre has been training in Systema since 2016 and holds a 1st Dan black belt in Aikido. Prior to his training in Systema, he’s also spent a number of years studying Xingyiquan and Kali.

Takeshi Nishiwaki

Takeshi began training in Systema since 2017.

A police officer in his active days, Takeshi aided Ron in the sharing of Systema to the Special Operations Units.

In Memoriam

Samuel Lim

Samuel was an instructor with Systema Singapore until his unfortunate passing in 2018.

A passionate practitioner, Samuel was adept in weapons work and was the president of the SUTD School Of Russian Martial Art.

May his memory be eternal.