Andy Cefai

Carribean at Keppel

07.30am – 08.30am


Ron Felix

Allan De Dancesport

19.30pm – 21.30pm


Wen Hsin

Irving Place, Tai Seng

10.00am – 12.00pm

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Class Etiquette & Requirements

We recommend dressing in comfortable attire: a t-shirt and track pants are good default as we do work on the floor. Wear clothes you are comfortable getting dirty or ruined. Spare clothes and a waterproof bag are highly recommended especially for the outdoor class on Saturday as we will train under wet weather.

No former martial art or sporting background is necessary and even physical conditioning is not required. However, there is a lot of physical work and it does help to have a minimum level of fitness. If you have any pre-existing conditions which make such exercises unsuitable for the training, you are required to declare this to us before starting.

Classes are held in a dynamic manner – every class is unique and catered to the students who attend the session. There are some periodic themes where some context will be given to the students but on the whole, the art itself requires some time to digest. Give yourself some patience and time to decide how you are progressing. Results vastly vary from individual to individual, but most students see significant results from 3-6 months of regular training. Due to the nature of the art, we only recommend trials of 3 sessions which is reflected in our TrialPass.