Movement & Power

In this course, Takeshi will be sharing several important principles and ideas that he has learnt during his time spent in Systema HQ Toronto.

In the first session, Takeshi will be sharing how to move with relaxation and fluidity through usage of the Wave Principle 🌊 and to be able to use it for work with multiple opponents as well as variations of strikes which can be applied with this principle.

In the second session, he will be covering how we can generate power through the wave principles movement and breath endurance which will allow us to get in touch with our internal state which opens our work to be more fluid and efficient.

In the last session, he will be covering breath sufficiency – how you can use breath sufficiently for each movement and create even deeper relaxation through breath-filled movement which will allow your movements to become more efficient and powerful.

We have completed this course, but you can sign up for a private training session which covers the course material

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