Freedom, Power & Happiness

Asia’s first international seminar since 2019

For the last 3 years, the world has been in pandemonium. Compulsion, uncertainty and depression have been a major theme since the global lockdowns restrained most of the planet. This seminar is definitely a post-pandemic checkpoint for all of us on our martial journey.

“FREEDOM, POWER & HAPPINESS: A 3-day fundamental course in movement and martial art” is much more than that, however. It is a course to give you a map to help you as you continue to explore and interpret martial art, creative movement and the values that drive us in these disciplines.

Systema Singapore is pleased to welcome Vladimir Zaikovsky back and this time to present a concise blueprint of his life’s study.

Freedom, Power… and Happiness?

From creative artists to competitive sportsmen, individuals who pursue skill and emotive expression share an understanding that the cultivation of the psyche has a measurable impact on their performance and output.

In this seminar you will get the opportunity to see how improving key components of a healthy psyche produces tangible changes in your physical body. By examining our experience of perception, emotions, will, and intent and learning practices to tend the “garden of the mind”, you will discover how to access deep and powerful sources of power to drive your movements and generate responses unfettered by the chatter of your mind.

This process of enhancing our perception, deepening our souls and silencing the mind forms the foundation of a happy person. We call this practice martial art.

27 hours of training

Vladimir Zaikovsky in a Japanese instructional

After returning from a 5-day seminar with Vladimir in France, we are convinced that 3 days is the minimum time necessary to capture the content.

Let’s be clear, 3 days will not yield a comprehensive coverage of Vladimir’s work – but it does provide enough time to present a basic structure of practice from which we can expand our study outwards. It also provides a mindfulness of the depth of the subject, allowing you to establish a sufficiently concrete base to build a path forward upon.

For those able to attend the extra Special Classes, they have been specially themed to aid in the process to maximize our benefit from the seminar itself, though not strictly necessary.

Suitable for everyone

This seminar is mainly targeted at martial artists, movement artists and those seeking a tangible means of self-mastery. The seminar is suitable for people of all levels, but we do make the recommendation for those completely new to any art form of practice to attend all the special classes aside from the seminar as the special classes help to provide a fundamental skillset from which to understand the seminar topics and how to apply them to your art.

Seminar etiquette

Our seminars are held in a friendly manner – if you have a question or request, don’t be afraid to ask your training partner or the instructors for help and we will do what we can to help. All we ask is that you help to maintain a respectful environment for the other attendees and a culture of helping each other to learn.

Please dress in comfortable and modest clothing that you do not mind getting ruined – it could happen! We also recommend bringing a change of clothes.

During the seminar days, the break might not be long enough to head out to buy food or drinks. We recommend bringing some drinks and snacks sufficient to keep your energy levels up. Eating extremely large meals is not recommended.

Presenting the symphony


Special Class #01


19.00pm – 22.00pm

«Notes on mental hygiene and stress management»

Attend this session – S$100


Day 1


15.00pm – 22.00pm
(1hr break)

“Know Thyself”

  • Fast body and mind conditioning
  • Power vs strength
  • Developing smart training goals

Day 2


10.30am – 17.30pm
(1hr break)

“Know Thine Enemy”

  • True and fake sensitivity
  • How to fine tune your senses
  • The only enemy to defeat

Day 3


10.30am – 17.30pm
(1hr break)

“Know Your Values”

  • Internal and external security
  • Freedom vs destruction
  • Wielding will as shield and weapon
Attend this seminar – S$530


Special Class #02


19.00pm – 22.00pm

«Movement calligraphy»

Attend this session – S$100

Special Class #03


19.00pm – 22.00pm

«Keys to steady progress»

Attend this session – S$100

Attending everything?

Get a discount for attending the whole seminar + special classes + 4 free training classes at Systema Singapore (total cost of $930) for a discounted price of $750.

Seminar + all special clases @ $750

* Financial aid is available on a 1-1 basis. For more information, please contact us directly at +65 81396737.

Other events

We always have a party to celebrate the seminar. This will be held on Saturday (14th Jan). More detail to follow.

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