The Ryabko Way

The Founder’s Legacy

The late Mikhail Ryabko left us a way of life inscribed in the movement of a martial art. An art without techniques, without restrictions and thus without limits. The only known way of mastering or even grasping this art has come through encounters with its masters and those to whom they have entrusted this art to.

«The Ryabko Way» is a letter from Mikhail to us. Written in the form of his son, Daniil Ryabko, this seminar is a contemplation of what it means to do and train Systema as taught by Mikhail Ryabko from the perspective of his student, friend and only son.

Intentionally open ended, this seminar is more than the arrangement of topics about the art’s applications. This seminar is a space for us to capture the soul of Systema through Daniil’s sharing and guidance.

Systema Singapore is pleased to welcome Daniil Ryabko back to Singapore for the second time to share his heart on his father’s life work.


Systema is certainly not envisioned to be a “family” style. A global phenomenon, the art continues to grow with various instructors around the world bringing their unique interpretations to the values of Systema. At the same time, Systema is a very personal art – rooted in one man’s mastery – to which Daniil has had a unique insight into both from young and especially in the recent years as he traveled extensively with his father before the pandemic and had special access to him in the lockdowns.

Daniil is a master in his own right – a lifelong Systema practitioner, he has been teaching international seminars all around the world for many years in countries such as the United States, Germany, Columbia, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan and so on. His own personal experience as a commander in the elite police units of Russia gives his teaching a further realism and his experience will be highly beneficial to those looking to enhance their skills in a professional context.

18 hours of training

Daniil Ryabko in Singapore

After returning from a 10-day visit to Moscow and spending time with the various senior instructors, we believe this is the most important step for us to take right now.

While the specifics of the training are left open, the thrust of the seminar is clear – to unite the vision of the Systema community and to crystalize the ideals of Systema for the next generation of leaders and practitioners.

The training itself is important, but we welcome you to join us outside of training for sightseeing, meals, and simply to spend time with Daniil and the community as well.

Suitable for everyone

This seminar is mainly targeted at martial artists, movement artists and those seeking a tangible means of self-mastery. The seminar is suitable for people of all levels, but we do make the recommendation for those completely new to any art form of practice to attend all the special classes aside from the seminar as the special classes help to provide a fundamental skillset from which to understand the seminar topics and how to apply them to your art.

Seminar etiquette

Our seminars are held in a friendly manner – if you have a question or request, don’t be afraid to ask your training partner or the instructors for help and we will do what we can to help. All we ask is that you help to maintain a respectful environment for the other attendees and a culture of helping each other to learn.

Please dress in comfortable and modest clothing that you do not mind getting ruined – it could happen! We also recommend bringing a change of clothes.

During the seminar days, the break might not be long enough to head out to buy food or drinks. We recommend bringing some drinks and snacks sufficient to keep your energy levels up. Eating extremely large meals is not recommended.

Preparing the way


Special Class #01


19.00pm – 22.00pm

«Landing Zone»

  • Preparatory work to the drills and sensitive work
Attend this session -S$125


Day 1


10.00am – 17.00pm
(1hr break)

«The Ryabko Way»

  • Values of the Ryabko System
  • Body condition and perception
  • Fullness in movement
  • The 6 senses

Day 2


10.00am – 17.00pm
(1hr break)

«The Ryabko Way»

  • Internal sensitivity
  • Awareness held lightly
  • Dealing with expectation
  • Sensing cause and effect
Attend this seminar – S$475


Special Class #02


19.00pm – 22.00pm


  • Protecting your loved ones
  • Protecting your values
Attend this session – S$125

Attending everything?

Get a discount for attending the whole seminar + 2 special classes + 4 free training classes at Systema Singapore (total cost of $885) for a discounted price of $700.

Seminar package – S$700

* Financial aid is available on a 1-1 basis. For more information, please contact us directly at +65 81396737.

Join the party!

As part of our seminar tradition, we always have a party to celebrate the seminar. As it is July, this will also be our anniversary seminar! This will be held on Saturday (1st July). The party will be held at Kaeden, a modern chic location with a selection of Western and Seafood options for food and a good selection of beers on tap.

Join the party! – S$60

Places to stay for international guests

This is a non-comprehensive list of places you might want to consider for the stay here. They have been selected based on location and quality while bringing good value.

Need more information?

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