Border Control

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This June, Systema Singapore is pleased to announce our 3-day seminar with the respected instructor of Systema Osaka – Ryo Onishi.

A very unique topic was chosen by the team for this seminar based on our extensive encounters with Ryo in the last year. «Border Control» represents both the need for firm and decisive defence especially in dangerous situations but also represents the fine control aspect of Systema where clear understanding of ourselves, our opponents and the situation exists.

Join us as we bring back our second installation of Ryo Onishi in Singapore!


Ryo Onishi

Ryo is an instructor with many years of training under the tutelage of founders Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Prior to his training in Systema, Ryo Onishi has accumulated more than 20 years of martial arts experience in Kendo, Judo and Bujinkan Taijutsu.

21 hours of training

Border Control

From the various trips our members had with Ryo and the crew at Systema Osaka, we felt that this topic very well identifies an important essence of the work that they train and that corresponds very nicely with the way we explore the various aspects of Systema and as such we are very excited to study it together with you!

While the specifics of the training are left open, the thrust of the seminar is clear – to unite the vision of the Systema community and to crystalize the ideals of Systema for the next generation of leaders and practitioners.

The training itself is important, but we welcome you to join us outside of training for sightseeing, meals, and simply to spend time with Ryo and the community as well.

Suitable for everyone

The seminar is suitable for people of all levels, but we do make the recommendation for those completely new to any art form of practice to attend all the special classes aside from the seminar as the special classes help to provide a fundamental skillset from which to understand the seminar topics and how to apply them to your art.

Seminar etiquette

Our seminars are held in a friendly manner – if you have a question or request, don’t be afraid to ask your training partner or the instructors for help and we will do what we can to help. All we ask is that you help to maintain a respectful environment for the other attendees and a culture of helping each other to learn.

Please dress in comfortable and modest clothing that you do not mind getting ruined – it could happen! We also recommend bringing a change of clothes.

During the seminar days, the break might not be long enough to head out to buy food or drinks. We recommend bringing some drinks and snacks sufficient to keep your energy levels up. Eating extremely large meals is not recommended.

Seminar Preparation

Day 1

28th Jun

15.00pm – 22.00pm
(1hr break)

«Border Control»

  • Warming up
  • Working on the various layers in the body where “borders” might be found
Seminar Preparation Only – S$160

Seminar Weekend

Day 2

29th Jun

11.00am – 18.00pm
(1hr break)

«Border Control»

  • Identifying and negotiating the physical borders

Day 3

30th Jun

11.00am – 18.00pm
(1hr break)

«Border Control»

  • Internal and psychological borders in partner work
Weekend Seminar Only – S$315 Full Seminar Only – S$470

Need to register by day?

Special Class

Special Class #01

1st Jul

19.00pm – 22.00pm

«Wrap Up»

  • Summary work and clarification training session
Special Class Only – S$90


The whole seminar and extra class will be held at Dancesport de Allan

70A Geylang Bahru, #02-2721, Singapore 331070

Attending everything?

Get a discount for attending the whole seminar + 1 special class + 1 free micro-course* at Systema Singapore (total cost of $690) for a discounted price of $550.

Seminar + Special Class – S$550

* For first time attendees only
** Financial aid is available on a 1-1 basis. For more information, please contact us directly at +65 81396737 via WhatsApp

Join the party!

As part of our seminar tradition, we always have a party to celebrate the seminar. This will be held on Saturday (29th June).

Count Me In! – S$50

Places to stay for international guests

This is a non-comprehensive list of places you might want to consider for the stay here. They have been selected based on location and quality while bringing good value.

Need more information?

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