“Freedom, Power & Happiness” with VLADIMIR ZAIKOVSKY [Member Registration]

Welcome to the special members registration page. This page contains the seminar registration process for members as well as a members-only price.

Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully! You can fill this form up before making payments.

  1. Everyone attending needs to fill this in as it will also be used for attendance
  2. If you are paying for multiple participants, you still need to fill in the form as per normal – when you WhatsApp me the details you should specify who you are paying for
  3. Please use a bank transfer or PayLah/PayNow. If you are unable to make a bank transfer, please contact me. To see this option, you have to make a selection first. Do not use PayPal or Credit/Debit card!
  4. Proceed to do the transfer, screenshot the details and send it to me so I can manually mark the order as complete

Seminar registration

If you are attending everything, please select only the “VZSG2023 ALL”, otherwise, please select the specific dates you are attending. The “International Bank Transfer” option will only appear after selecting an option.

Contact Information Male Female Party DetailsOn the 2nd day of the seminar (14th January) we will be having a dinner party, please indicate if you would like to join! Yes! No 🙁 PaymentRemember to use only International Bank Transfer or PayLah/PayNow! Totals Subtotal TotalTotal Due Today Purchase